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Cyber Crimes

Have you been accused of committing a federal cyber crime? Have you been charged with computer intrusion, identity theft, or Internet child exploitation? Then you need an experienced federal cyber crimes defense attorney who understands cyber crime and how to defend your rights.

Over the years, cyber crimes have come increasingly under the investigation of federal authorities. In 2008, the FBI teamed up with other federal agencies to create a Joint Task Force designed to anticipate and combat cyber threats. In 2010, the Internet Crime Complaint Center processed an average of 25,000 complaints per month. As with their search for drugs, federal agencies often take cyber crimes investigations too far.

Accordingly,the right to privacy has become a real issue. Normally, authorities cannot just demand that you turn over computer files without a warrant, unless the information was already made available to the public. Yet many innocent people have been caught in the gray area between private files and public information. The Department of Justice has subpoenaed Internet search engines or ISPs for information about people’s online activities, sometimes requiring ISPs to hold onto information from two years in the past. Not only could the Department of Justice review all of your activity online, but you could also be charged with a cyber crime as a result – even if you were innocent. That is because the ISP’s information might show that your computer was used for a crime, but not who was using it at the time.

If you live in Texas and have been charged with a cyber crime, you need an aggressive cyber crimes defense attorney with years of experience dealing with a wide range of federal crimes. Michael J. Brown has served as an FBI agent, State and Federal prosecutor and Defense Attorney and therefore really understands all of the issues at stake. Call 1-432-687-5157 today.