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Federal Appeals

I am often hired by families of people convicted of various state and federal Crimes to handle their appeals. Appeals involve reading the transcript of the trial or hearing, preparing a brief citing the errors committed in the trial by prosecutor, judge, or defense attorney, and arguing the case on appeal before an appellate court. I have argued such cases before state and federal courts of appeal, and before the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans.

Careful research, writing, and preparation are important in these cases. Many lawyers do not handle Appeals because they are so demanding and difficult. I have always been proud of my efforts in this Area. If you hire an attorney on appeal, ask for a copy of a sample of his work. I have always been happy to furnish a potential client with such a sample.

If you were convicted of a crime in a federal district court, your next step is to appeal. Defendants who lose federal criminal trials always have the right to appeal to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. Even if you believe that you have a strong case, the appeals process can be overwhelming, and you may be entitled to more forms of post-conviction relief than you realize. You need a knowledgeable federal appellate attorney to guide you through the process and help you regain your freedom.

To appeal, your attorney must first submit a brief to a three-judge Circuit Court panel for consideration. The brief would pinpoint the legal errors committed by the district court that affected the decision. Your attorney would then make a short, focused oral argument in federal court about the legal issues of the case. Only a dedicated federal appellate attorney with years of experience can navigate this complex federal appellate process.

If your appeal is denied, an attorney could prepare and argue a Federal Writ of Habeas Corpus. A Writ is a petition that seeks the convicted person’s release from federal custody, and may attack the conviction on grounds not covered in the appeal. Often it focuses on the conduct of the defense attorney who tried the original case.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to appeal. Whether your conviction involves drugs, or other federal crimes, contact an experienced Texas defense attorney today. Call 1-432-687-5157 today for a free initial consultation.