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Federal Crimes

Drug Cases
Some of my Federal practice involves people charged with Conspiracy to Possess, Manufacture or Distribute quantities of methaphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, and other drugs . Many of these cases are brought by multi-count indictments which charge multiple Defendants with Conspiracy to Possess with the intent to Distribute various amounts of drugs. As the Federal Courts move very swiftly, it is very important to contact an experienced Federal Criminal Defense attorney as soon as one knows or even suspects that he or she may face Federal criminal drug charges.

White Collar Crimes
White Collar crimes, such as Federal Mortgage Fraud, Mail & Wire fraud, Money Laundering, & Bank Fraud, are Federal Crimes which often involve lengthy investigations by Federal agencies such as the FBI, Secret Service, and U.S. Postal Inspectors. Many times a Federal Grand Jury investigates these crimes under the direction of a United States Attorney , and early contact with a Criminal Defense attorney is essential to effective defense of these charges. A great deal of my practice over the years has involved these type of cases. Federal Mortgage Fraud cases sometimes take years to develop and investigate; therefore, anyone considered a target of such investigations should involve an experienced Federal Criminal Defense Attorney as early in the process as possible.

Computer Crimes and Internet Obscenity
Computer crimes and internet obscenity and child abuse charges have begun to take up the time and interest of Federal agencies and prosecutors. Many U.S. Attorneys' offices throughout the country have prosecutors assigned to these areas, and serious issues regarding privacy and constitutional guarantees against illegal search and seizure have arisen as a result of these type investigations. It has been my experience that innocent people can be charged with Federal crimes resulting from subpoenas to internet search engines.

Federal Income Tax Crimes
Income tax evasion can be a criminal offense; I should know, as I was chief prosecutor of the Criminal tax fraud unit of the U.S. Attorney's office in Houston. IRS Criminal Intelligence agents are highly trained and very knowledgeable in these areas. If charged with one of these crimes, you need an equally knowledgeable Federal Criminal attorney to defend you.

United States Sentencing Guidelines
All Federal Crimes are governed by the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines, which at last count took up over 1700 pages in the Federal Sentencing Guidelines Manual. A good Federal defense attorney will have the Guidelines downloaded on his ipad. I find that it is not possible to represent anyone charged with a Federal Crime without a firm grasp of the Guidelines. Even with recently imposed Supreme Court limitations, the Guidelines are still very much a part of Federal Criminal cases.

While state cases are confined to the jurisdiction of individual states, Federal Crimes can be nationwide in scope. The U.S. Conspiracy statutes can be extremely broad, and an individual can be charged with a single "overt act" in a much broader conspiracy; in fact, may individuals I have represented did not even know the other persons charged in a Federal Indictment in which they themselves are charged.