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Federal Drug Crimes

Being charged with a state or federal drug crime is a serious matter. Especially in west Texas, where authorities are constantly on the alert for drug smuggling. You could lose privileges, like your drivers license, or even spend the rest of your life behind bars. If you are charged with a federal drug crime, you need a seasoned federal drug crimes defense attorney to defend your rights.

The Texas towns of Alpine, Marfa, Pecos, and especially Sierra Blanca are right near the United States-Mexico border. They are hives of government activity, with federal agencies watching out for illegal immigration, as well as drugs. Near Sierra Blanca, where Interstate 10 runs parallel with the border, Border Patrol agents see hundreds of cars at the federal checkpoint every day. When they suspect criminal activity, they make the driver get out of his car and conduct a thorough search, often with the aid of trained drug dogs. Those unlucky enough to then be charged with a federal drug crime go to the busy federal courthouse in Pecos, or to the larger federal courthouse in Midland; smaller cases go over to the Hudspeth County Courthouse in Sierra Blanca.

Federal drug crimes often come with high penalties. For example, a person caught trafficking 1,000 marijuana plants faces the possibility of life in prison. Drug crimes sentencing depends upon the type of drug, the amount, and where the person being sentenced fits on the distribution chain.

No one charged with a drug crime should have to face this situation alone. Your freedom could be at stake. You need an attorney well versed in drug sentencing laws and the laws of search and seizure to guide you through and to make sure that you get the best outcome possible. Michael J. Brown is a federal criminal defense attorney who has dealt with a number of different federal crimes. He is especially knowledgeable of the west Texas area, and will travel to the most remote locations to make sure that you have the representation you need.

Don’t be a victim of this country’s war on drugs. If you live in Texas and have been charged with a drug crime, you will need help from a drug crimes defense attorney with years of experience. Call 432-687-5157 today.