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Juvenile Cases

I have seen more injustice done in the Juvenile case area than in any other area of the law. I have seen 10 year old boys incarcerated in lock-ups and charged with sexual crimes which require registration as a sex offender. This has been done without many of the constitutional protections given to adults.

The importance of deferred prosecutions and pre-trial diversions, even for serious cases, cannot be emphasized enough. Obtaining these results is a skill only acquired through experience with these cases.

Skill is also required in pretrial hearings, where issues of discovery(finding out what the state has) Notice requirements, expert testimony, detention hearings, special issues, and motions to suppress Are often involved in these sensitive cases.

A caring parent should take extreme care in hiring a lawyer experienced in these matters. Not all Criminal defense attorneys have experience in juvenile cases. I have a special interest in these cases and I work very hard for my juvenile clients all over west Texas.