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White Collar Defense-Federal and State

If you are ever charged with a cyber crime or money laundering, you will need a dedicated federal white collar crimes defense attorney who knows about every aspect of white collar crime and how to defend your rights. Don’t wait until a grand jury investigation is well under way or until you are indicted before getting help.

White Collar crime has become the universal term to describe almost any crime which is not a common “street crime”. Examples of White Collar crimes are embezzlement, mortgage fraud, mail fraud, securities fraud, crimes against the federal government such as bankruptcy fraud or income tax evasion, false statements to banking institutions, and cyber crimes involving the internet-- these could range from child pornography to complex fraudulent internet schemes.

Sometimes white collar crimes can originate with illegal drug money transported across the U.S.-Mexico border. Often white collar crimes like money laundering appear in the form of cyber crimes, such as use of the internet to transfer large sums of money online or to create false entities to receive funds which are illegal in nature. The federal government has been working aggressively to find and prosecute anyone suspected of a white collar crime. In a partnership with the National White Collar Crime Center, federal agencies have increasingly conducted investigations and encouraged citizens to report any criminal activity online. Those charged with a white collar crime could face anything from having to pay a heavy fine to spending the better part of a lifetime in prison. That is why you need to find a criminal defense attorney with a track record of successfully defending people accused of white collar crimes.

Michael J. Brown is an experienced federal white collar crimes defense attorney who has spent years working with these types of cases. A native of west Texas, he has seen a large number of white collar cases emerge in cities like Midland, which is the regional headquarters for many major oil companies and the executive center of the west Texas oil field. He knows that certain criminal investigation, can take years to complete. He can prepare you for what to expect, and provide a strong defense against your charges.

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